Which acca optional papers should i take

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I did fail exams a few times and below is the advice I would give myself when first started studying the acca. You could look to attempt both subjects before the June 2018 sitting. In order to receive an exemption (converted pass) in the SBL paper you must have passed both P1 and. Past Performance, the acca options papers correspond to topics covered in the Applied Knowledge papers, examining the material at a more advanced level. Which professional options papers are best for my career? The Options exams cover in depth the specialist areas of professional accountancy, namely: financial management; performance which acca optional papers should i take management; tax; and audit and assurance. The acca options papers you choose can make a big difference to how difficult you find the exam, how quickly you pass and what direction your later career takes. One was to download all of the accounting standards as listed in the syllabus as an mp3. The lectures on OpenTuition are exceptional and helped me a lot. With the exception of Tax subjects, the syllabi change for the September exams so some students choose to avoid sitting F7 in June as if you are unsuccessful in your examination you will need to resit the exam under potentially updated accounting standards. There is a significant overlap between the two subjects. Its often more sensible to focus on attaining your qualification first by choosing professional papers youre more likely to do well. Youll hear a lot of students talking about which papers are easiest based on pass rates, but this isnt a good indication. Based on that information you should be able to decide which acca professional options papers youll be best suited to and make the right choice for you. Advanced Financial Management (AFM) is designed to enable candidates to learn relevant knowledge, techniques and skills, and to exercise professional judgment, in recommending or taking decisions relating to the financial management of a business. You can also consider your past performance on Strategic Business Reporting (what was P2) as elements of this are relevant for Advanced Audit and Assurance. Firstly think about the number of exam sessions you want to study for and plan how many subjects you will attempt each sitting.

And it goes without saying that you want gate 2018 paper mechanical to give yourself the best chances of becoming an acca member. Pass Rates This one is included last as its not a good measure of which acca options papers to choose but its often the one students look. The vast majority of the Strategic Professional paper marks are for applied knowledge so practical experience can be invaluable.

The, aCCA options papers you choose can make a big difference to how difficult.The problem is, how do you decide which options papers you should take?

Advanced with Financial Management and Advanced Taxation. This takes a significant amount of time. Demand a huge technical understanding and have a lot of rules youll need to the learn. Advanced Performance Management and Advanced Audit and Assurance rely more on applied understanding. Similar to P2, there is a lot of material to cover. For example, this will allow you to choose the acca professional options papers that are best for you. On the third time I did two things differently. You need to spend a lot of time practising exam questions under exam conditions to get your technique right. I would not have passed this subject with out them.

I would listen to them while walking to work and walking home.There is no paper that all students find universally more difficult.Claim your free 7-day trial and find out for yourself.