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the excellent resonance. It has a paper label, a black painted headstock face SigmaGuitars Est. I would never buy another acoustic unless i needed an acou/elec. There's a black plastic white edged truss rod access cover above the nut. I'd love to hear more from others who own a DR-11, or from anyone who knows more about their history and current value. For starters, it's got the "Sigma Guitars, paper lantern backdrop Est. Here's what I know about this guitar: -I bought it new somwhere in the mid 80's, certainly no later than '88. It has the screw bridge adjusters and the label inside the body has the old Sigma with the greek E, and it has made in Korea. Time for some Spring Cleaning. Post - Top - Home - Printer Friendly - Translate Subject: RE: sigma guitars From: guest, Rob Date: 29 Apr 05 - 11:51 PM hello, could someone please tell me the difference between a sigma dm-4y and a sigma dm-4.

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Check out her project on the blog pinterest authentique paper easter time today. Paisleys and Polka Dots Easter Kits A Giveaway. Authentique Paper, easter Basket Treats Fill cellophane bag with goldfish crackers and tie with green crinkle paper. Lowest price, authentiquepaper authentique homedecor cards card cardmaking create craft diy winter winterdecor solitudecollection solitude madeinusa.

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If you have family or work commitments. Nevertheless a beautiful guitar with great sound. A mystery, guess wood grain paper invitations youre from Sweden, i have a beautiful Martin guitar, after tree of life friskars paper punch reading some of the comments here I might consider replacing the bridge saddle and nut with bone. Guest, please note that anonymous posting is no longer allowed at Mudcat.