Psychedelic stickers wall papers

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the all time best, good idea, "That bike is bitchen or "Bitchen, let's go!" Bitchin' Way cool or really really neat! "Sick!" 'The psychedelic stickers wall papers Man' the man to me means any authority, corporations, police, government, they're all the man tho first used in the 60's by the hippies it live through the 70's,80's,90's and still to this day 'To The Max'! Peel Out to leave quickly or in a hurry, usually on your psychedelic stickers wall papers bike or other vehicle. Boge Disgusting, repulsive That's boge! Grouse good Gully real goood Gunshot! "that was radical man." Radical Dude or Radical Means that it was something cool. Example of a guy talking to a friend.

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