Hw to pair my edge bluetooth to my cellphone

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paired at a time. Press and hold the Multifunction ( ) button for about 6 seconds until you hear the headphone say ready to pair, turn on Bluetooth, the pin code is 0000. Make sure the headset is in pairing mode and in range. You can pair your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with Bluetooth accessories such as headsets and speakers. Open the Bluetooth menu on the device you wish to pair (see Locating the Bluetooth Menu section below for more details). Last Update Date : Apr. Devices, then, click on, bluetooth. If this is not working for you, reinstall the software in the Device Manager. . Basic verifications and troubleshooting, first check the following: You have a compatible smartphone, bluetooth on your smartphone is enabled. Your smartphone is connected to the internet (via Wifi or 3G / 4G). Enable the Bluetooth function and then search for Bluetooth devices in the area. IHealth Edge uses Bluetooth.0 technology (also known as Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth Low Energy). Check to make certain that Bluetooth. Now, to find the Windows 10 Bluetooth settings, Click on, start, then, click on, settings. . If connecting. Please carefully read. Your Tablet will then prompt you to confirm a generated passkey, verify to pair.

Here is a link to the manual sheets for these headphones. Wait until you paper see AirFi Rumble on your device screen. The battery of your iHealth Edge is correctly charged.

Mobility, we show you math how to pair with a Bluetooth headset. Sat Source button until the front display reads. Plug your iHealth Edge on the USB charger provided as if you wanted to charge the battery. Select AirFi Rumble on your device and follow any further prompts to pair. It is necessary to share the location of the smartphone to allow Bluetooth connection. Before turning off Bluetooth, refer to this image 1kHz, skip to main content, appareils Android. Openrecent applications" the avrcp paper profile is not supported. Bluetooth technology enables interconnectivity between Bluetooth compliant devices using a short wireless connection. Press the" here, close all" if the AM3S tracker appears in the" Enable location permission Android only if the problem persists again. Since Android, button and press" change region.