How to make a golden snitch out of paper

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this with all your lines. Form two lengths of wire into the shape of the wings. Use lots of feathers to make the wings full. Step 7: The Designs (Pt. Then stick the pin with the sequin into the Styrofoam ball. So our staples Snitch should too. You need to take your toothpick, and smooth out the area right next to the outside line. 3 4, make wings. Apply a liberal amount of super glue to each wing coil. Step 1: Your Materials, these are the materials you will need for this project: clay silver and gold metallic paint a piece of plastic (from the recycling bin or something) scissors paper or foam plates (to work on and to use as pallets) paintbrushes water. Step 13: Touch. A simpler shape will make the wire easier to form. With a small pair of scissors, carefully cut out the swirl patterns. Now you are done with the Golden Snitch. Draw a swirl pattern on each half of the ball that mirror each other. Step 8: The Designs (Pt. Step 10: Stick on the Wings. Step 1: Gather Supplies, to Make the Golden snitch you will need: Gold Sequins (lots a Styrofoam ball (it doesn't matter what size). Once that dries, you may need to do a second coat. Did this article help you? Stick the paper clip into the hole in the ball. Fold the paper with the wing shape drawn on it in half so that you can cut out two identical copies of the wings. If it doesn't dry down, use a transparent spray on sealant. Make the coats light so that the paint doesn't melt the styrofoam. Place the paper wings on the wire, and let dry. To start, cut out the rough shape. 6, let it dry. Use plain white craft glue to stick the cut-out swirls back to the ping-pong halves, somewhere where the cut-outs don't overlap with the holes in the ping-pong halves. Step 5: The Second Wing, repeat steps 2- 4 to make a second wing. Audio Contest 2018, halloween Contest 2018). 2 3, make the outer shell of the snitch. Cut about four inches of wire for each wing using wire cutters.

Tabloid paper size in word How to make a golden snitch out of paper

Method 1 PingPong Ball 1, you could use metallic paints of any time kind. Method 2 Styrofoam Ball 1, cut out the plain paper into two identical wing shapes. Submit Things Youapos, make a paperclip stand for your snitch. Touch up any places you missed. Styrofoam ball 1 large paper clip 1 small gold ornament ball Golden spray paint Pen or pencil White craft glue Spray adhesive Super glue Pins Scissors Plain paper Craft feathers Gold glitter Sequins Wire. Ll Need 2 ping pong balls " It is not to be played with because it can easily be broken. Spray paint, yellow, around, paint the snitch, make sure the wings are perfectly opposite one another on the ball. The easiest way to do this is to fold the paper in half and cut both wings out at once.

It might not fly on its own, but crafting your own decorative Golden Snitch can.The easiest way to do this is to fold the paper in half and cut both wings out.Halloween Crafts A fun, quick, cheap and easy DIY for a Golden Snitch orn ament (a.

How to make a golden snitch out of paper

Use a paper lumens scale metallic gold spray paint cover your ball with at least two coats 7 3, using plain craft glue, then start making the fringes feathers. By using our site, thats what DIY Prop Shops Odin Abbott did. Draw the wing shape you want for your snitch. Unfold the large paper clip and form it to make an appropriate stand. Making the design on the Snitch is a little complicated.

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