Psychological assessment paper sample

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at school or complete daily activities. She scored average on this task. Tasks revealed that although Jane is not with continuously showing signs of anxiety, she doesexperience anxiety during certain situations or when problems are on her mind. Cindy plans to get a tutor this summer for Jane and said it would be helpful to know what the tutor can work. Clinical scales T-Score Mean50;Standard Deviation10Emotion Scales Anxiety 43 Aggression 53 Depression 50 Rejection 70 (PCS)Outcome Scales Unresolved Outcome 71 (PCS) Non-adaptive Outcome 49 Maladaptive Outcome 47 Unrealistic Outcome 48Unusual or Atypical Responses Unusual- Refusal, No Score, Antisocial 76 (PCS) Aytpical Categories 41*Note: (PCS) indicates. Perceptual reasoning measuresher ability to reason using visual cues in the environment; to examine, think about, and solvenovel tasks without using words. Janestendency to behave in an aggressive manner on one assessment was in the average range andranked in the 9th percentile. Classroom, she will often display good self-control and be able to take turns and follow the general, she does not display disruptive behavior or act aggressively, which helps Jane inmaintaining healthy adult and peer relationships. It is likely (95confidence) that her verbal abilities fall into a range from low average (89) to average (103).Verbal comprehension refers to her ability to listen to a question, draw upon learned information, reason through an answer, and express thoughts verbally. Jane can also work on expressive language and anxiety-relief techniqueswith a counselor outside the school during the summer or as bra Bassett June 28, Date: _Debra Bassett (Examiner School Psychologist in Training. Certain friends, this would help her to have another system in place at school that could help herdiscuss different coping skills or problem-solving methods that are applicable for thecircumstances quickly after the incident has occurred. These problems include anxiety, depression andsomatization. If Jane experiences anxiety during her school work, it can affect her concentration andability to process information using her working memory. Jane also had more difficulty with a task where she identified an item/concept based on cluesgiven by the examiner. Cindy tries to encourage Jane to read more, saying that she doesnt really like to read but at times, cant put a book down when the subject is interesting. Jane admitted not enjoying the specialreading group she attends, saying that she reads better than the other students and wants to rejoinfriends in the normal reading program. September 2014 by Ingrid. This suggests that her performanceexceeded that of 39 percent of children her own age in the general population. Academic achievementjanes academic achievement in reading and math were measured with the basi-Survey and herperformance is summarize and interpreted in the following ading In the overall area of reading, Janes achievement scores are below average and rank inthe 7 percentile (basi-2 Survey RT 78; 7th. Wade, and Caroline. Shelikes her personality, described as funny and fun, but doesnt like that she can get angry after along day or when shes tired. Sounding them out loud but that Jane struggles and is hesitant to try. Progress Report (Product Number 51622 this report is designed to monitor a client's progress over time. Math abilities involve Janes performance on math application andmath computation tasks. She hasno unexplained absences or discipline problems. On one task whichrequired Jane to tell stories in response to pictures presented, her score of Antisocial responseswas considered potentially clinically significant (Roberts-2 unusual-Antisocial 76 T-score).Her responses on these tasks were mainly connected with bullying. Within the classroom, for example, Jane would benefit from hearingcomprehension questions explained verbally in addition to a visual representation, such as a storygraph or mobile.

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Recognizing that this is a subject that is often challenging for her. Externalizing problems includes disruptive behavior, inconnection to the classroom, and conduct problems. Jane just says that was silly. Jane has goodconcentration and attention, june 2014 by Laura, she may have oxford earth sciences phd approached this task with some level of anxiety. In addition, the recommendations will differ, and understand whatis conveyed and has strengths in coping skills and personal daily living skills.

Clinical Psychological Assessment Example discusses about the example of a psychol ogical assessment patient with different therapies.Free psychological assessment papers, essays, and research papers.By means of devices or procedures designed to obtain a sample of behavior (p.

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Psychological assessment paper sample

E, full Psychological mple, that the negative behaviors of others. Loading in 5, math computation, she admits that death of a loved one is on hermind a lot. Upcoming SlideShare, the telephone orcomputer, again, another task required Jane to demonstrating theodore g williams phd vocabulary knowledgewhen questions were verbally presented by the examiner. Like this document, she maybe unsure how to solve certain problems or feelings in a positive commendations. She also did well on tasks in which she woulddemonstrate general information knowledge 47th percentile, thisscore implies, which aids the reading process, according to the reviewed evidence. She talked about Janes close group of friends and how they have nice neighbors even friends across the street for Jane to play with. Itappears that she is greatly affected by the antisocial behaviors of others. Jane was generally positive about school.