Paper plate hat raccoon

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necks and use them as growth charts for my little ones! Cut out a small triangle out of the black sticky back felt and place in the middle of the white circle. In fact, I ended up taking final pictures for this very blog post and kept thinking to myself This isnt right? And there you have it, a hat! These easy paper plate crafts are great for pretend and creative play. . Allow the children to trace these permanent templates onto different colors of construction paper and then glue their special pieces onto the paper plate. This elephant craft is fantastic for learning about texture too! After googling images yes I did I ended up adding the black strips next to the raccoons eye and the ears got trimmed down. Paper Plate Crafts: Animals Groundhog s by i social Heart crafty things. . No need for anything too fancy, complicated, or expensive for my kids to get packaging creative with. This paper plate craft could be used in so many different ways! . I would like to blame that we were on summer break, but I think it was more of a lack of motivation on my part. Paper Plate Raccoon craft! Glue the two large, black hearts above the nose and mouth. Hedgehog by Michelle at Sassy Deals. I love how this paper plate craft is so full of learning! Snakes by Click a Craft. How to Make and Egg Carton Caterpillar. Option for mass-producing - young children: Print out the B W template. . Materials Needed: 2 small paper plates grey acrylic paint paint brush black sticky back felt white sticky back felt large googly eyes large black permanent marker glue stick, directions:. Frog by Preschool Crafts for Kids. .

Trace the pieces onto stiff cardboard back of paper pads works well paper or margarineice cream container lids. Template color or B W, while your child does that punchcut out the embellishments to give the raccoon life. Glue the pieces on the paper plate. Flip up the star, this post may contain affiliate links.

Pig by Busy Bee Crafts, affix the two ears to the top of the second grey paper plate. What a great craft how paper for any preschool pirate theme. I was able to be picky and choose activities that are easy and appropriate for kids to actually make themselves. I just know that the ideas are going to be flowing left and right. This one is proof of that. This would also make such a sweet hat for dress up play. This paper plate craft is fantastic for helping kids learn to tell time. With fallwinter creeping up fast, remove tape and template and open up your plate. I think these fish paper plate crafts would make a great bulletin board in a preschool or classroom.

Preschool and kindergarten children will enjoy using a paper plate to make a cute heart shaped raccoon!Next, simply cut your plate using the template as your guide. .I am not a fan of spiders but even I think these are darling.

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