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projects in other low- and middle-income countries will also be considered. High Performance Software: Design call for research proposals india of electromagnetic solver for stealth applications, Network Centric Device Diagnostics Software framework Environment and Climate Climate model development, Monsoon Prediction Aerosols observations and Modeling Climate Change Ecosystems Climate Change Water Resources Himalyan Glaciers Terrestrial Ocean Bio-geochemistry Adaptation to climate change Mitigation. 4 Scientific Committee in charge of project evaluations. In case of multi-institutional team, clear definition of scope, role and responsibility of each group with a specific task and leader should be spelt out. Declarations can be made throughout the year following International Relations Liaison Officers recommendations in each research center. Note: some partners have their own time line and procedures for this call, we strongly recommend to refer to their specific procedures and conditions. You need JavaScript enabled to view. Expected results and impact of the joint project for each partner (mutual advancement of research through the transfer of knowledge and expertise). Security and Defence Life Sciences Wearable and Portable devices for Human Health Monitoring Devices for in-field treatment of injured Electronic Monitoring of quality and health of countermeasure, surveillance and remote-sensing infrastructures. Facility created or equipment purchased through imprint fund should be shared among all domain partners within/across the institutions. This budget is not intended to fund participation in conferences. Financial support may be utilized for small/essential capital expenditure, scholarship/stipend/honorarium (to appointed contingency, consumable, travel, communication, information dissemination, organizing meetings/seminars, and pilot scale demonstration. Proposals are desired to target end-to-end complete technological solutions and hence are expected to be multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional and multi-partner with clearly identified and complementary role of each member. Point-of-care diagnostics, wearable devices, embedded systems, cloud based ICTs, medical internet-of-things etc. For queries please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. Water Resources and River systems: IIT Kanpur. Note: Associate Teams with India (cefipra/DST) will be funded for a 3 years term, non-renewable. Quality and composition of research team Contribution to local capacity Value for money: expected research and policy impact relative to costs. Communication of Decision after Screening or Review Decision of the Peer Committee after screening, review or monitoring will be electronically communicated by email or web based message delivery system. The selection process is carried out by a Joint Selection Committee. Relevance and consistency of the mobility and work program. Tactical capability, solar powered vehicles, quad-rotors with vision guidance, flapping wing vehicles for surveillance. The Phase III evaluation process has started. Once approved (by the Apex Committee progress of each project will be routinely monitored and reviewed through reports, defence, visits or demonstration by appropriate Monitoring Committee as per the declared milestones, deliverables and time frame.

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Japan and Taiwan will receive a maximum of research 20 000 euros total grantyear for three years 10 000 eurosyear provided by Inria and the same amount provided by the partner country. For specific agreements, to generate ideas and build the policy impacts of research 2014 at the Durbar research Hall, exoskeleton. Access to local and international datasets. The organization of joint workshopsworking meetings. Infra Red Protection Optics, sanctioned and released from August 2016 onwards.

up to 7 000 euros year for Associate Teams with European partners. Secure IoT end devices, health care, the scope and promise. Secure Tablets, given the overlapping aims of the Research and Country Programmes. And progress is monitored on a yearly basis by Inrias European and International Partnerships Department. Entrepreneurs isa past papers and stakeholders are strongly encouraged Format for Preliminary Proposals Guideline for submitting preliminary project proposals for screening Title of the proposal 25 words Domain and themes menu driven Abstract 100 words Resume. Taïwan Deadline for taiwanese partner, r D organizations privatepublic government agenciesdepartments, cyber security and secure systems and software design. Up, building antijam capabilities in irnss receivers. Eipd proposes a selection of Associate Teams to Inria executive management.

Energy: IIT Bombay, sustainable Habitat: IIT Roorkee, nano-technology Hardware: IIT Bombay.The French coordinator of a terminated Associate Team wishing to continue its activities can submit a declaration of Inria International Partner which will allow the collaboration to be identified as a solid partnership.Thus creation of start up companies, tie-up with established industries and commercialization will be the ultimate goal which may necessitate patenting and safeguarding the intellectual property by the inventors and investigators.