Paper trail part 2 walkthrough

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sync it with your online account at the marker. Once you have entered the number you've found on the detective's website into the phone at m you will be able to continue on in the game. You can see that the report includes a picture showing a van. All of them are marked on your map, and there are five vans you have to find and destroy. Pick it up from the ground and notice the crime scene. Exit Theatre Mode, exit Theatre Mode. The answer is above the video, and it is the Case File number you have found, but without #. April 03, 2014 kraft in news, the, infamous, paper Trail augmented reality game built into Second Son is partially a mystery to some. Time to go check out the evidence on the. The yellow color indicates that you have the correct symbol but in the wrong place, and the green color indicates that you have found the right symbol and placed it in the correct position. Your next objective is to stay close to it and follow the van, which will lead you to a new area. Furthermore, you have the complete, paper Trail 4 in order to play it, and your m account must be linked to your PS4.

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Enter the code in the File Access Number FAN to get the key paper trail part 2 walkthrough to the fob. Once done with the console section. Review the paper crane on m the last frame will have a note that ends with the web address mintranet it also includes the number you will need to enter on that page.

Infamous, paper Trail Part 2, full, walkthrough - Infamous: Second Son: Once you have entered the number you ve found on the detective s website into the phone at m you will.The following walkthrough was created to help you complete.

Paper trail part 2 walkthrough

Now that you have solved the first puzzle. In other words, for example, but the story continues in Paper Trail Part. A My Origami gave, now, if the first number in the code on the screen. A Therefore, cd art19 You will open the directory art19. Write it down, n And the link to the Vehicle Tracker page on Intranet. We suggest using a pen and a piece of paper to write down the symbols you find. Use the plate number on mvehicletracker and you will find the location of the car.