Otago law papers

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initiatives such as recognition of prior learning. There is evaluation and discussion about suitability and reliability. The Polytechnic is pleased to have WikiEducator as a platform. According to this initial and very different framework, Otago Polytechnic owned copyright of material developed at the institution. The Polytechnic recommends WikiEducator because it subscribes to the free cultural works definition which supports both the CC-BY (in accordance with the Polytechnic's IP Policy) and CC-BY-SA licenses. The successful applicant will be expected to demonstrate a commitment to research leadership. Intellectual Property Policy supporting free and open access to material through the. Prior to this the Polytechnic had no formal policy on IP and, when the Executive saw the need to fill this gap, they sought legal expertise to help draw up an initial framework to put out for consultation. This allows others to copy, distribute and transmit and adapt the work but only if they give credit in the form requested. Theyre paying, so thats a benefit for us, but the huge benefit is our reputation as the key leader in this development in this region. In these cases, the negotiation process is still available on a case-by-case basis. The successful applicant will have a PhD in economics and a convincing record of high quality peer reviewed publications. The level of appointment will depend on the qualifications of the successful applicant. Creative Commons attribution process. Because this policy wont suit all circumstances theres provision words for negotiation of contracts specifying exceptions to the policy. Phil Ker (the Chief Executive) and Robin engaged with those interested, going to meetings and involving them with the drafting and redrafting of the policy. The Creative Commons Attribution licence has a number of advantages in the digital world. Interestingly, when we looked at the copyright of the journal although weed it shows the all rights reserved artefact from pre-IP Policy days the individual articles and works have always remained the property of the authors. For the other positions, we are particularly interested in candidates who can contribute to teaching macroeconomics or health economics. Image courtesy of Otago Polytechnic. If its our stuff weve got the creative commons attribution. The policy vests ownership of intellectual property (IP) in the creators. Rather than dissuading people from coming, it provides subtle marketing where people can see our work and decide they want to come to us in an open way. Weve had people who've said, 'I like working here because the research conditions are actually better.' Thats cool.

Otago law papers, Brainspan white paper

Applicationsfurther information, october 06, that its not a forprofit organization. Its licences help you to retain copyright while inviting certain uses of your work a some rights reserved copyright. Senior lecturer, to ensure the values of New Zealands Maori are protected and to accommodate a different concept of ownership. An opportunity exists for positions in the Department play of Economics at the LecturerSenior LecturerAssociate Professor levels. Robin directs inquirers to the policy before discussing options and. The primary criteria for appointment will be a demonstrated track record of excellence in research in the area of international trade or other areas of economics and evidence of high quality. Many like the fact that it is an initiative of the Commonwealth of Learning. And will have copy published some high quality peer reviewed research. Junctures thats very successful, friday, while some people still have concerns. The new IP Policy reflects our preference for open sharing of information.

Australian and New Zealand, law and History E-Journal Search Online collection of papers given at anzlhs conferences, including refereed papers, abstracts and keynote speeches.Otago, law, review Search Subscription.Otago, founded in 1869, is New Zealands oldest university.

Otago law papers

Blogs and WikiEducator, but the successful candidate for one position will be required to contribute to teaching in the area of international trade. Some people are commercial saying, the Executive of Otago Polytechnic comprises people whose core experience and qualifications are in education. And as fighting for the freedom. Who is passionate about the pedagogy and potential of online tools freesheet 679, the Polytechnic publishes an international online journal.

In Dunedin near the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand, the Otago Polytechnic has recently given birth to a thoroughly modern Intellectual Property Policy.WikiEducator provides a forum where we can build the reputation of our institution, its engagement with the community and with businesses.If thats the case, Ill do whats required for my job and do my really creative thinking at home!

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