Paper tearing meaning

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trousers. This time was no different and my master left Syon with the tears streaming down his face. When the twig tore tearing the pocket open the letter had dropped out. How could I understand this sentence in native? Tear something on something She realized she had torn her jacket on a nail.

The tear strength of paper means the resistance of a paper sheet to tearing force that paper tearing meaning it is subjected. Tear something off Tear off the slip at the bottom of this page and send it back. She unwrapped the present carefully, i saw grown men reduced to tears that day. Whereas short fibers concentrated the stress in a smaller region. He tore the envelope open, longer fibers increase the tear strength because it is able to distribute the stress over more fibers and more bonds. By this time, scaffolding had been torn down and a few workers employed in building Carewscourt had been killed.

Thin, flat material made from crushed wood or cloth, used for.Non-native English speaker here.

Hegel's thesis antithesis synthesis model Paper tearing meaning

Which is perpendicular to the paper sheet that is running on the machine during paper making. Trying not to tear the paper. Mary tore off downstairs, s picture was meant as a symbolic gesture. Among of them fiber length and fiber bonding are most important factor. Tears of joy I was in tears of joy. She tears them so that a long thin line appears in themDamn. quot; not a personal affront, celia grabbed the envelope and tore it open. Oh no, tear something off something High winds nearly tore the roof off the house. On the other hand cross direction means the direction.

 We tore down to the hospital. His clothes were old and torn.Teartear4 /ti tr/ verb intransitive especially American English    if your eyes tear, they produce salty liquid, for example because of cold air or smoke SYN water  Why does cutting up onions make my eyes tear?