Paper plate christmas craft lollipop

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paper plate the width of the wood dowl. . More easy Christmas crafts for kids to make: Unlock VIP Printables - Become a Member. My sister, Jamie, wanted to decorate her stair railing for V-Day, so I headed over there and we got busy! These lollipop yard stakes go together in an afternoon. . It all turned out really fun and I am totally going to be making some more for our Valentines Day Party! Cut a sheet of cellophane about 24 by 24 inches. . Jamie is going to add our Be Mine Bunting at the top railing below the garland! And, the kids can do so much of the project themselves (actually all of the project, if they are pre-teen or older). A couple of her friends made some of these for a party last year. We actually painted them last year, but never got around to finishing them until this year. . Pin It, when my sister told me about this super cheap, easy and cute decor, I knew I needed to share. Here are the steps:. . They just need to match your plate colors). Tie the cellophane with a ribbon where it is gathered, making a bow. White school glue works like a charm here. Become a member of Easy Peasy and Fun membership and gain access to our exclusive craft templates and educational printables. It also makes for a good class craft for kindergarten and preschool, give the students as many materials as possible for them to create their unique tree. Once the paint has dried, cut the paper plate in half.

It turned out fun, what you need, its quick you could tape them to the inegraph wall individually There what are really endless possibilities with this concept. This can easily be a project for the whole family to do together. At the top and the bottom of the railing there is a bouquet of Suckers. Paper plates green paint brushes we love sponge brushes when it comes to coloring larger surfaces regular or glitter pom poms yarn white school glue scissors. Below, but it would also be really cute to put them in a vase. We chose to make bouquets with them.

Paper plate christmas craft lollipop: The south asia papers

Paint we used the inexpensive acrylic paint from the craft store. So each lollipop would look the same on both sides. We painted our designs in pairs. Here ribbons You could use all one ribbon or several ribbon choices. Lets do some jolly crafting this time we are making a super easy paper plate Christmas tree craft. Place the cellophane over the two plates that are glued together and gather it together at the bottom so that the end of the dowel sticks hat out. These would make for super easy decor for a Valentines Day party.