Paper bag stars

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here is the how to! Youll have tp do this a few times at the outset to make sure the tempera cake is really wet. The bigger your bag the heavier your final project will. Or take a look at these wonderful. Try these simple but effective 3D stars made from paper lunch bags. Check out these other paper bag star ideas from other bloggers we love! Heck, I was thinking these would make fun decorations in a class room too. Feel free to Pin It here for later: You may also like. Looking for a last minute party decoration? The mini paper bag stars are 13 inches wide. Otherwise you will need to add more bags. Could you imagine how big the star would be if you made them out of the paper grocery bags! We created a few of these paper bag stars for Valentines Day parties, Birthday parties, baby showers, office parties and so much more! Step 7, punch a hole in the top of one leaf, cut some string and hang it up! The large lunch paper bag make the stars 26 inches wide. Carefully open up your star and connect the first with the last bag with some glue! Safety Note: This is a fun family project! Hold until the glue dries. You can cut it like this to make the flower stick out a bit business more in the center: The finished design looks like this on each side: Or you can cut them straight across just like this: The finish project will look smooth on both.

Step 5, step 1, step 2, cut a point out the top open end of your paper bags. Materials, once you finished cutting out all the paper lunch bags the start taping or glueing each of the sides together. Dip your brush in water and then on the paint cake to get the paintbrush online social work programs phd nice and moist.

DIY, paper Bag Star - these paper bag stars are surprisingly quick to make.Which makes them the ideal Party Decoration for Proms.

I first saw this on the. D look even better hanging with some twinkly fairy lights. Tips, we used a stars mini, do a second knot with another double loop and it will not come loose at all. Decorate it, use the BIG glue sticks, medium and big size paper lunch bag for these designs. Dont add too many bags though. We loved using the splatter paint technique described below. Make sure stars the center is glued tightly.

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