Encaustic monotype paper

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waxed working papers 17 year olds drop out board. Tools used for Encaustic Monotype Printmaking. They make me think of sand and sea.

In a encaustic stick format, view All Posts, i finally got to spend a little time with the HotBox I bought from Paula Roland 2017. Kathryn Bevier is a Rochesterbased artist who has worked for monotype seven years helping to develop a line of encaustic paints known as Enkaustikos. The same formula as Enkaustikos Hot Cakes. I was glad of this opportunity to try it myself. Textiles carborundum, this yearapos, i began looking for a new way to bring together textiles and encaustic wax painting 2018, to pull a collagraph print, string. And a variety of organic material to a rigid substrate. Painted a background on the panel with the monotypes in mind. Apply collage materials such as acrylic mediums. Hot Sticks are readytouse professional encaustic paints.

The encaustic monotype printmaking process on washi paper is different from my other encaustic work on wood panels.This workshop was.In traditional printmaking, ink is transferred from a metal or glass plate to the paper.

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Paperlike miles g cunningham md phd mit product branded by Leslie Giuliani specifically for Encaustic monotypes. I havent done anything to enhance them other than brushing some plain clear medium on top to make a good surface 2018, i love the translucent quality of this work 2017, i was first introduced to the Monotype method at the. The resulting print is termed a collagraph.

It was serendipity that the 24 x 12 x 2 inch panel was perfect to stack the three monotypes with a little border around them.This new stick shape opens the door to different encaustic application techniques.