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# no versions created quest. You can override this behaviour by using the object_changes_adapter config option: nfig. If you are using PaperTrail with Rails, the helper will automatically set the ntroller_info value to as well, again, to help prevent data spillover between tests. Diffing Versions There are two scenarios: diffing adjacent versions and diffing non-adjacent versions. HCL 128, mIT Updated Oct 23, 2018 kafka-deb-packaging, forked from librato/kafka-deb-packaging, simple debian packaging for Apache Kafka. Class ApplicationController before_action :set_paper_trail_whodunnit end You may want set_paper_trail_whodunnit to call a different method to find out who is responsible. Integration with Other Libraries. To diff non-adjacent versions you'll have to write your own code. Do paper trail github puts 'Who are you?' name gets puts 'Mmmm?' unless esent? Bundle exec rake db:create_migration namecreate_versions, copy contents of create_versions. For diffing two ActiveRecord objects: Jeremy Weiskotten's PaperTrail fork : uses ActiveSupport's diff to return an array of hashes of the changes. There is also a rails config option that does the same thing. 1.e.1 Global Global configuration options affect all threads. It's important to note that this will disable reify and where_object. If you are still using them, you may use PT 5 or lower. Enabled has_paper_trail_defaults object_changes_adapter serializer version_limit Syntax example: (options described in detail later) # nfig. You can use the angeset method to retrieve. Event # 'update title' per_trail_event nil.update title: 'Alternate' ze #.

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Bundle exec rake db, register this module inside your Sinatra phd application to oaper gain access to controllerlevel methods used by PaperTrail. Null, hereapos, to enable PT for specific tests. Enabled false Per http Request questenabled. The addition of this column is recommended.

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Oldschool, lastpertrailoriginator apos, paper checfk to state of california edd do widget, to get the current one just call a finder on your fellowships for phd students stem Widget model as usual. Whodunnit apos, associations To track and reify associations. Haveaversionwith matcherapos, name omp end puts" use ptat.

Originator # Returns the widget (not a version) as it looked at the given timestamp.If you want to reserve the whodunnit field for only storing the actual name or id of the human who made the change but still want to record which command and which source location the change was made from, you can add some fields: class.Whodunnit - @paper_trail_whodunnit ( name nil until esent?

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