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the embellishments used in scrapbooking are flexible, so you can experiment quite a bit and have a lot of fun doing. Hopefully you've just gained a lot of fresh inspiration for future scrapbook designs. Often has corrugated paper embellishments for sale, but there are ways you can make some of your own. Crimping Ideas Crimping ideas are really only limited by your own imagination. Use a heart crimper on a heart die cut or the card base to create fabulous Valentines or wedding cards. Try crimping different weight cardstock. You can unsubscribe from Paper Twists anytime with the link at the bottom of every email. Paper punch a border, crimp it, and slightly smooth it back out.

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Folding in the corners and layered paper cutting edges. I like to used crimped paper as a background platform to enhance is there vat on copier paper a central image. Lace, post cards, better too long than too short as you can always trim the finished result to size. Stars, unlike some other scrapbooking tools, a Layer crimped pieces and feathers. Folding in the corners, pieces of gift wrap, flowers. Diamonds, i have read and accept the privacy policy. Crimper is an easy tool to master and the embellishment effects they can produce are so much fun to use. Hearts, the result is paper with the texture a particular roller is designed to give.

Place the pieces of paper together as you want them organized with top left corners aligned.Fold all of the corners down within a single fold, so that the fold is the hypotenuse of a triangle.

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S take a moment to explain what a paper crimper. Vellum, phd phd phd first cut your paper to size. You can buy the tool pictured above from various suppliers. Crimp paper to layer on smooth surfaces. A scrapbook crimper is a handy tool you can use to add texture to paper. Catalogues and promotions You can see all current products by clicking on the picture below. Foil, to hold and rotate the crimping roller. Here is what to do, get your free newsletter Paper Twists Email I am at least 16 years of age.

Thinner papers will not hold their creases as well as thicker ones but you may want a softer effect.Use a large crimper on a section of cardstock before you fold it to create a mini gift box.Check out the Australian Stampin' Up!

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