Paper plane launcher

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in particular the case when you want to mount them directly on the shaft of a small electric motor. Let it dry boulder out before mounting. Recommendations Audio Contest 2018 Electronics Tips Tricks Challenge Optics Contest. You might still have to remove some burs.

Simple and easy launcher is what we do best. Put this piece under the edge of the board with the mark of the arrow plane as shown. Feel free to comment and ask if you need to know something.

Our paper airplane launcher is a simple design.Aidan drove two nails into the end of a scrap board, added a long rubber band (from the office supply aisle at Walmart.

Start to glue the smaller border piece on one side of the longer arm of the cross. If you build one, stick the battery holder under the plywood board with some doublesided tape or glue. Of course you can also use parts you find elsewhere. Photo 4 Finally I used hot glue to attach a rubberband around both of them. You do not need a real chisel. Thank you for reading my Instructable.

On the shorter piece the groove is located in the center, while in the longer piece it's located at 9cm from one end.While keeping the motors switched on, gently push the plane forward until its nose is caught by the spinning wheels and the plane is hurdled forward.

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