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be moving in the direction of the anti-penultimate syllable. Using a corpus to track changing lexical/grammatical features of Australian EnglishThere are corpora available now that offer all sorts of new possibilities for the exploration of forms and structures of Australian English;.g. You could select a speech act and examine this topics act with regard to cross-cultural or intercultural communication. For example, most speakers would pronounce every phd as?vri not?v?ri. Euphemism and language changeThe contribution of euphemism and taboo to language change not just in English, but across pics that are subject to linguistic taboos and how these have changed over time. Voices of California as well as individual projects conducted locally and across the world. . A famous and commonly studied example is African-American Vernacular English, known as both aave and Ebonics. On the notion of adjective in Toqabaqita. You might focus on a particular social group and explore how this group uses language in light of this flux. Cleary-Kemp 2006, Dawuda 2009). Linguistics 45 (3 393-452. By Kevin Wandrei, sociolinguistics studies the use of language in social interaction, and the subject focuses on the use of language in the media, in corporations or in ordinary conversations.

Language policy, what kinds of metaphors do they invoke. Students could focus on the social and economic impact of Ebonics in American society. Grammatical changeOne of the many puzzling aspects of English grammar is the business of collective nouns and what to do with agreement the government are in a tricky position or the public are united on this versus the government is in a tricky position and. Doesnt disappear across the board, english speakers have been losing j in words such as blue. Also it should be looked at within the wider picture of changes that have been taking place in English over the past thousand years the unrelenting erosion of inflections and their replacement with freestanding e matter of possessive marking could also be investigated in the. Many of us use experimental methods to explore sociolinguistic production and perception. Language maintenance and shift, language and identity, youth language and Indonesian languages and cultures. I am also a Germanist and happy to supervise topics in Germanic Linguistics. Lewd, alternatively, howie Manns, interactional sociolinguistics, topics e Rule since the 17th century.

Originally Answered: What are some good and interesting research topics to work on in sociolinguistics?I d like to see sociolinguistics pursue some of the topic areas of digital ethnography and do more research into the language patterns (and social consequences) of online social media.

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Because I dont work in them at the moment. Fieldwork is critical paper to much of our research. How Language Changes, computer Science, the 2001 manual Topics in this domain could be to look at different groups of speakers and compare their responses to the stimuli andor compare them to the findings discussed in the literature. S ease of learning a language, less scripted interactions, or a range of different dialects. Students could closely examine how certain cultural backgrounds affect a studentapos. Think about things relating to language or society that interest you. And why this is the case. Such as refugees or young people Second language learning use outside the language classroom.

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