Wake up and do my homework early

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deadline, do you choose to stay up late to finish the homework or do you find yourself waking up early to do the work? If you have school the next day, youll need some time in the morning to shower and prepare, so factor in an hour to get ready. If you know you have this much homework, start it as early as possible or during lunch or other down times at school. Try to do these towards the end of your night when youre exhausted. 9 If pinching isnt cutting it, splash cold water wake up and do my homework early on your face for an added boost. Misery loves company, so inviting a friend to spend the evening with you is a great way of holding yourself accountable. Schedule high priority assignments early in the evening, when youre still at your best. Give your social media passwords to a friend or parent for the evening so you cant break in to check your accounts. If you dont have time for a nap, take a fifteen-minute walk outside. 16 Take 10 - 15 minutes every two hours to grab a snack or take a walk. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Dont do a full workout instead, do some quick exercise in the form of 10 pushups, 10 jumping jacks or 10 sit ups. Mint increases brain activity and improves memory, so chewing gum and sucking on mint candies can help you increase your alertness and improve wake up and do my homework early the quality of your work. Make a list of all your assignments, then figure out which assignments are most pressing. 4 Set up a system of rewards. 11 Keep a stash close to your desk and dip into it whenever you feel yourself slowing down. Find a place in your house thats clean, organized and free from distractions. Put smaller assignments that you can complete quickly and easily near the bottom of the list.

Part 3 Staying Motivated During Your AllNighter 1 Invite a friend to contact paper site etsy.com join you. But choose instrumental music to avoid being distracted by focusing on the song lyrics instead of your assignments. Turkey jokes about writing a thesis sandwiches or hummus and carrots. Its because youre crunched for time.

Create a workspace, give yourself five minutes to check your phone after completing an item on wake up and do my homework early your to do list. Cross each item off the list when its completed. Also be aware that these topics are either restricted or wake up and do my homework early have restrictions on them. Mods can remove posts at their own discretion.

Then, set your alarm so you wake up with enough time to complete your assignments, have breakfast, and get to school.Any assignment that isnt due the next day should be completed on another night.(Please no Mac.

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