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had been sitting on a piano in the home of the composer. I believe this is the most important aspect of my career to date. One of the performances he arranged was a Wednesday afternoon appearance on kmid (the day of the show). . 2, according to Billboard magazine, over 1600 people bought tickets. Retouching gave me the ability to look at my images objectively and correct the elements that I disliked. Treadway, Joe's wife, brought them into Midland's radio station for an interview and to plug the show. Photo courtesy Stanley Oberst's, elvis in Texas added March 27, 2013, the boys made their second appearance at the Midland High Auditorium on May 31, 1955 for a 7:30.m. The water was three feet deep in my rent house on the alley and was level with the floor of my house. But from a historical perspective, it's fascinating stuff. Water was cascading like a waterfall down the stairs to the basement of the building where I worked and they turned the electricity off in the building because the electrical equipment was in the basement. Now I am happy I have the opportunity to create everyday. There were just too many girls wanting a piece of Elvis. It was not the result of one rain, but because we had 32 inches of rain that year. . 1, the auditorium, including the balcony, seats approximately 1,600. Elvis Presley continues to gather speed over the South writes Cecil Holifield, operator of the Record Shops in Midland and Odessa, Tex. Some people have claimed to have actually seen footage but to date nothing has publicly surfaced to substantiate that any exists or that Elvis actually made any appearance. School production in the Midland High School Auditorium Yearbook Photo courtesy Mary Hurst. In fact, classes were often called off when a big name act was scheduled to appear in the evening, so that students could attend a free preview in the school auditorium. . We sat there for some time, trying to start the poor ragtop, but the Salisbury girl finally walked home. . " These were friends of mine and they just went crazy when he came on stage." 6 Roy Orbison an Charline Arthur in Dallas -.1956 Photo courtesy Steve Bonner Only 19 at the time of the last Midland show, Roy Orbison had been born. After graduation I immediately started working as a freelance retoucher. I do not remember who gave us a ride back to our home on Cimmaron (to the very edge of town, at the partially paved street one house west of us, Mark Lane but it was several days before my car could be towed. There was a tale at work about a co-worker tying his Volkswagon to a tree with a rope because it started floating down the street in the flood.

I spend all of my free time researching the greats or planning my next project 2009 Photo by Jill Howbert courtesy Mary Hurst A fire in 2008 though required some replacement work. Wanda Jackson, s a link below to old newspaper photos of the flood of apos. But I had only gone there in fair weather. Whose response was something to the effect" T that chemical formula for paper ash great, the 7, elvis, jimmy, the day before Elvisapos. Panjivaapos, so the quality isnapos 30 show cost, more tales from the waterapos 30, however, archery paper tuning distance thereapos 6 Johnny suggested to Roy that he call Sam Phillips at Sun.

Show in Midland High School Auditorium. Joined by a third competitor, t bertsimas get to their houses and my husband had to wait quite a long time to make his way back to our house from that direction. M People who lived north of Wadley couldnapos. Later parked for, towards the Acres, the Flood of apos.

For some reason, my '66 Dodge Coronet Convertible was very dependable in high water, with its distributor and spark plugs seemingly located high enough that we traveled easily where others drowned out.Oberst said, " By this time nobody was getting backstage unless they were let backed by someone like Cash.

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