Disseration feedback from advisor

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. In my seven years as an advisor, I have learned a few things about my working style. Experience is unique, and it is incumbent on you to work with your advisor to help you define your own trajectory and also to create a working relationship from that works for both of you. SMS has to be the most important channel. On May 26, 2010, a federal grand jury in the Northern District. Your advisor has almost certainly seen a ton of plots/experiments/data and is pretty good at quickly determining whether a graph that you spent two days producing makes any sense at all. Make the questions relevant to your customers. In any advisor or managerial context, it is important to recognize the importance of managing. The students who make the best use of meetings tend to have: (1) an agenda beforehand; (2) minutes afterwards; (3) something focused and concrete to discuss/think about/talk about; (4) a consolidated place to keep minutes. This is a channel we monitor and we have found that it is widely used by customers for providing feedback. Weve introduced a middle ground survey two weeks after contact to measure the end-to-end customer experience. . We began collecting helpful information and filling in the gaps with our own material; this fall, as much of the material has coalesced, I am putting the material into written form on a blog. Thanks to Annabel. . Low response rates coupled with confusing answers can be problematic. In fact, throughout the summer of 2013, I was rarely at Georgia Tech; many of my students actually found it easier to meet me when I was traveling because I wasnt being constantly bombarded by things related to the daily drumbeat at the university (. Williams and Lopez traded stock in their own names as well as through TBeck Capital and other companies (Lopez used the name "Da Big Kahuna" as an alter ego trading name). Side BAR: Here's an example of what you might see on the Bid-side in a ladder : highest posted market maker BID:.50 article continues after advertisement manipulative BID support layers:.45,.40, and.35. Thanks to Ben. .

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Disseration feedback from advisor

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