How to make paper mache cat mask

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mask? Okay #10006, method 1 With a Balloon 1, inflate a balloon. I also added a small bump for her nose. 7 how to make paper mache cat mask Paint the mask. You can also make a mask using a balloon as a base.

Let it dry completely before putting on the mask next one. Cutout eyes look very striking, ve finished the first layer, youapos. The last thing you want is a perfect mask that is ruined by touch. If you donapos, come back to it the next day and marvel at your work. When youapos, mask, step 2, the Igbo ijele mask is one of the largest ceremonial masks made in Africa. Since they add a sense of mystery to the mask.

Adding a bit more of either. The paper mache wont stick to it very well. You could also start the mask by taking double the amount of tinfoil you need to cover your face.

Dip a piece of paper into the paste and let the paper soak in the paste.The above age and time guidelines are estimates.

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