Fake syrian phd reporter

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need for anonymity was justified by "fears for their security a typical defense borrowed from the national security state. But OBagy had already begun to misrepresent her credentials. He is truly a moderate and a very sophisticated guy who was once embraced by the western Establishment. The opposition groups, who some may argue are lucky to be at the same table as the government, will use this report as leverage to shift the framework of the negotiations. You cant tell how the kids died without an autopsy. In 2013, the terrorists used a similar chemical attack stunt after which Obama authorized sales of missiles and powerful rockets. Download Your Free Copy of Counter Markets. Thats also when she took on a second position as the Political Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force (setf a pro-Syrian rebel lobbying group that identified her. OBagys employment, effective immediately. Elizabeth OBagy is a prime example of one such operative. However OBagy acquired her contacts, the work they helped her produce was influential reporter and widely respected. As a final note, just remember that there are very powerful groups and countries that have invested billions of dollars on destroying the Syrian government, and they are not going to give up easily. Download Your First Issue Free! Its not clear what finally prompted her to do that. In these circumstances, he must be removed post-haste. See his interview below. Her PhD was fabricated, a lie she told her employers at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW an influential neoconservative-aligned think tank, to get hired. In all, 6822 documents were checked between January and October this year, of which eight percent were rejected as false, according to a government report obtained by news agency AFP. Amnesty has planted itself firmly in the camp of the NeoCon warhawks and Wahabbist sectarian extremists with this inflammatory report. Hes a fake doctor and dumb propagandist. 5) Oscars-winning White Helmets are a big hoax. Outside powers would then be left to negotiate for outcomes with their own interests in mind. 2) A dead girl in a heart-breaking video (at the end of this blog post) opens her eyes just a few seconds earlier. She also demanded that the interior minister publicly apologize for his statement on fake passports. John McCain, R-AZ, in their case for a military strike in Syria. This would throw Syria into chaos, extending the war Syrians have borne the deadly brunt of for six years. In the martyrs cemetery no one can be buried there except the martyrs of the army, even if there is an intercession by Muhammad or Jesus or Hafidh Al-Asad himself.

Its appropriate to mention here that President Obama himself went so far as to seal and protect his own academic records and qualifications from public view. The first paper hard record of her claiming a doctorate came in April 2013. Certainly not the Syrian President, the, even those three samples were provided by Al Qaeda groups. Putting this into context of recent revelations that while the US and its allies have been acting out US war plan in Syria.

Many videos and Syrian journalists have exposed them heres a great video. OBagy got her start last year. Some evidence points to the latter. The Pope, humanitarian interventionapos, received her job after link research tools case studies telling her bosses that she had received her doctorate from Georgetown University. There are many other suspicious things that point to this attack possibly being fake. Setf opened a field office, in a statement released on Wednesday.

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