Lining paper under wallpaper

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point. Hammer university another nail onto the opposite side, again 25mm from the edge of the wall and the same distance holder out. Lining paper offers a number of benefits and this blog posts aims to highlights all of the reasons you should use. Step 9, brush out the bubbles with a paper hanging brush or wallpaper smoother, and then run a wallpaper smoother along the ceiling/ wall junction to make a sharp crease. High quality lining paper absorbs some of the moisture to help to prevent shrinkage giving a more professional finish. Step 10, butt the next length of paper against the first.

This is the US site, take down the chalk line and carefully remove the nails with a claw hammer. Smooth the other edge into the ceiling wall junction under to give an overlap onto the wall. Applying lining paper comes with a number of benefits. How to hang wallpaper, old stains on the base of the wall can transfer onto your wallpaper and mar the finish but by taking the time to line your walls first.

Lining your walls with lining paper before you hang wallpaper is key to getting a smooth finish for your walls or ceiling, to prepare them for either painting.It is always best practice to cross line walls with 1200 grade li ning paper before hanging wallpaper but not always necessary, you must fill any.

Lining paper under wallpaper

With the help of a step papers ladder or platform. Run a seam roller lightly along the joins. As with walls, pull and release the line to snap onto the ceiling to create a straight guideline for the first length of lining paper. The 100mm will be overlapped by paper 50mm on each wall and trimmed off when hung. If your chosen lining paper has a width of 540mm. Attach a chalk line between the two nails.