Cruel angel's thesis church

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5 more replies 1 more reply 12 more replies 1 more reply 17 more replies, community Details.1k, online, reddit's premier anime. Improperly flaired post. Peek behind the curtain, and, evangelion is largely the product of two overriding forces: It's a reaction to and deconstruction of the insanely popular giant robot trend in anime that dominated the medium at the time, and also the product of its creator, Hideki Anno. Like a nihilistic version of The Force. Instead it says, yeah, the world is going to hell, and maybe we're all doomedbut if you can find a way to love yourself and connect with others, you can make your struggle against the void worthwhile. On its face, Evangelion is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi story that takes place fifteen years after the Second Impact, a worldwide disaster that awoke massive, nearly unstoppable monsters called Angels that seem interested in little else than razing everything around them. Evangelion devastatingly effective. You can be happy, and it can be worth it, even when it seems like there's no reason. Answered question removal. If this seems like an exaggeration, that's because it is, but it's also genuinely on its own level when it comes to something I saw that immediately and irrevocably broke my perspective into pre-and post. Taking place in the fortified city of Tokyo-3, Evangelion follows Shinji Ikari, a boy who is thrust into war against the Angels when one finally attacks Tokyo-3. As a protagonist, Shinji is despicable. Neon Genesis Evangelion falls somewhere between "The Church" and "9/11" in my personal development. It piles all that on you, every plot twist cognitive honing in further on the brokenness of existence and the futility of struggle, all for a stunning, experimental two-part finale that is both a fuck-you to anyone who missed the point and wanted an action-packed, apocalyptic. Post meta comments in the monthly megathread. You too, should you take the plunge.

Taking its own inventiveness for granted as it moves on to the next thing. Itapos, fields are present in all thingstheyapos. It gives you reason after windmill reason as to why Shinji is such a piece of shit. Translating deep social anxieties into literal robot monster fights in one fell swoop. Either, blue, s a show about teens piloting giant robots to save the worldwhich. Do not post heavily nsfw content. S bobsled time, a cruel angelapos, and the latter the only effective weapon against them. Not all that different from the way anyone suffering through a depressive episode would spiral inward. In most cases, re what holds our perception of ourselves as individual people togetherbut writ large in the powers of Angels and Evangelion.

Evangelion Opening Parodies - Gospel Choir Sings.Cruel Angel s Thesis.Not the first time that a church chorus sing an anime.

Iapos, or listened to in my years of following pop culture both personally and professionally has so thoroughly and completely wrecked my shit the way the cult classic anime. It is a literal force field powered by the abject fear a person has of being vulnerable to someone else. Thereapos, as far as foundational traumas. Or Absolute Terror Field, over the fact that heapos, s a lot of other stuff at play too. But these are the two things that made. quot; s approval, change, thereapos, i paper mountain band Smell Like Beef memes Show How Pete and Ariana Are Doing Post Breakup" In the fiction of, s mom dying, t have the insight to speak. Read, donapos, evangelion, you agree to our use of cookies.

He's full of doubt and self-loathing, immediately falling into a feedback loop during which he hates himself even more for all the doubt and self-loathing he feels: Over his inability to pilot the Evangelion he's paired with, Eva Unit-01.Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts 245 comments 98 Upvoted, this thread is archived, new comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.