Best paper for letterpress printing

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exotic papers and everything in between, we either stock it, source it or create it to suit your ideas and creativity. This kit includes assorted 8 1/2 x 11 sheets and envelopes, the Gmund Color System Small Swatchbook, and Gmund's own 100 Cotton Paper Sample Kit. Because the printing process lays down one color at a time, its important to select a paper that will absorb the ink evenly. No other printing process produces more favorable results than letterpress, so its even more critical to experiment on a variety of papers. Here are some examples of the kinds of papers you can choose, and the impression that results: Cranes Lettra. Youll be surprised at how beautiful an invitation prints on something like Rising Museum Board - a board normally used by the framing industry. A paper mill will usually have several line names or brand names that it produces, and each will have its own swatch book. Well talk about all the different weights, calipers and finishes, and what it all means in relation to your project. . The number to consider when thinking about thickness is the papers caliper. They also stock matching envelopes for every grade and color in their line, which is fantastic for stationery designers. In the Resources section below, we have links for you to order swatch books for yourself. Although its said that one can letterpress onto most surfaces, ideally youll want a paper thick enough to produce a deep impression, while luscious enough to provide a sophisticated tactile experience. The Lettra is soft and pulpy. Legion Paper m visit their our papers section for photographs and descriptions of many great commercial and fine art papers. Its good to have a soft side. An example of the many papers available from Neenah Paper Company from our paper library. French Muscletone is very popular for designers specifying stocks for letterpress. The added cotton gives this paper a luxurious softness without sacrificing weight and presence in the hand. Explore this collection, order samples and see why this is the best and only collection for letterpress. No Color No Bleach is recognized for excellence in packaging and branding. A paper that is 40 thousandths of an inch thick (0.040 inches) would be referred to as 40 point. French Paper can be purchased in small quantities direct from their website, so it is a great choice for short-run projects.

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Classic look, paper mills mill is the term used flowers example to describe a paper manufacturer all distribute swatch books of their products. In this skill session, this is a fine example of a highquality commercial style sheet. French Paper Company, pure, chiseled indentation, welcome to LetterpressPaper. It imparts the paper with a unique. Organic, this finish was the result of a handmade paper making process that used a wire mesh to form the paper sheets.

Most letterpress papers are uncoated paper stock (a paper with no gloss or shininess to it).Most papers come in ivory or a shade or two of white from a bright white to a natural white.

It is seriously worth the money for any graphic designer. For example, you can find a waterfall layout of paper with a key sheet that describes the colors. French also sells, toothy and slightly textured, the letterpress process harks back to the classic days of highquality craftsmanship not found in most modern printing paper piece butterfly methods. You will usually find a waterfall of paper samples along with the color names. But in the right hands 110lb Cranes Lettra Cover is actually slightly thicker than 130lb Neenah Classic Crest Cover. They are smooth and uniform in finish with no discernable texture or tooth. And we will give you plenty of resources to learn more.

This example features 220lb Cranes Lettra, a 100 cotton paper designed specifically for letterpress printing.Instead, this is a finish that is added to the paper to resemble the fabric.