Printer paper for brocures

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firmer, higher end feel makes it well suited for product sheets and self mailers and will hold up better in the mail. It is important to match the cover stock and interior text stock so there's consistent color and image quality. Our standard brochure paper stocks: 80# Gloss Text, standard glossy brochure paper stock, about as thick as a light magazine cover. Facebook had to reconsider where it placed its paid adverts back in 2013 following BSkyB and Marks and Spencer suspending massive contracts. If you chose too low a GSM for your business cards they will be flimsy and may give the wrong impression of your business. Postcards Postcards - especially those sent in the mail - have only a moment to get and keep someone's attention, but they do get handled, held, and read. It makes color and details really authentique pop! 160# (18 pt) Gloss Cover is super stiff and thicker than most business cards. 130-170 GSM is a standard weight for a good quality poster you would expect to last for a while. It has a glossy, smooth finish that prints well. We can paper also produce custom brochure sizes and formats, so if your brochure design requires something a little different, just give us a call and we'll help you decide on the best format for your project, or request a". Follow our handy guide to brochure design to make sure you get all design considerations just right. Request Paper Samples, we offer six standard brochure sizes:.5.5,.5.5,.5 x 11,.5 x 14, 11 x 17, and 11.5 and two sizes of multipage catalogs,.5.5 and.5 x 11 for larger projects. Choosing the right paper for your printing project can make a huge impact on the final product. We specialize in high-quality brochure paper stocks. Use a UV coating on the non-address side to make your card pop with high-gloss elements while protecting the card from handling and the weather.

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Clutter free designs with brochures and other printed materials. And that should be lightweight but still strong enough to hold their shape. About as thick as a quality magazine page. Need more than 2 folds, expert Help on all Your Projects. Printing paper brochure products are most popular in North America. They can be custom ordered 80 Gloss Text is your choice for brochures that need the paper professional look of a glossy finish. Note, uV Coating cannot be used on the addressed side of mailed pieces. Mainly located in Asia 170300 GSM would be suitable for most corporate brochure printing 158 printing paper brochure suppliers, people prefer easy to read, how to Choose the Best Paper for Your Printing Project.

Our standard brochure papers are listed below, but there are many."We got the brochures yesterday and they look beautiful.

If your advertising appears the eye paper in the wrong place. Your whole campaign and even your brand is likely to suffer. Brochures can ultimate paper mache mask be protected with additional coatings. Catalogs are frequently printed with a thick cover stock and thinner text stock for the interior to minimize cost. Facebook was in a position where it could have lost a lot of revenue.

Call us now at or Get a" Get Samples.If you need to, go to the next size up or try adding an additional panel using.5 x 14 4 panel brochure for that extra real estate.The paper is thin and so effective for lots of pages which are low cost and don't need to last long.