How to make stars with paper folding

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piece of square paper. 6, fold the rightmost corner to meet the mark. These colourful little origami creations look stunning when placed in a glass bottle or bowl for display. Tuck this short strip into one of the creases of the pentagon. Using your thumb and index finger, pinch each of the five corners of the pentagon. For the letter-sized paper, fold it hot dog, or along the vertical axis so that the two longer edges meet one another. After the last step, your two figures should remain mirror images of one another. Fold them both towards the center of the star, tucking them under the folds formed in the last step. Once the knot is made, flatten paper it gently with your hand. Gently tighten the knot so that it looks like a flat pentagon. Unfold this last fold to have two thin rectangles with a visible crease line horizontally through the middle. You will need some colourful origami paper, they are available in some craft stores or Japanese products stores. Crease the paper well once youve made the fold. Crease the fold well and open it up once youve folded. For those who started with a square, trim the long acute triangle to make it equilateral triangle (with equally sized edges). Use 3 x 3in (7.5cm) for cute little bows! Each rectangle should end up as two squares connected by a slanted rectangle. They will be occupied with hours of fun making the lucky stars. These two rectangles will be manipulated exactly the same, but mirrored. When all the sides are pushed in, the pentagon should look like a three dimensional star. 5 Fold each square into a triangle. For the letter-sized paper, youll make a mark on the middle of the left edge (again one of the shorter edges). 5 Community Q A Search Add New Question Question What if I don't have glue? Fold them again in half hamburger style, having either short edge meet. This fold should create two smaller triangles within the figure, along the left edge, one above and below where the corner has met the mark. Then do the same to the unfolded sides of both rectangles, folding them to face opposite the already folded portions. Avoid thinner paper like gift wrap or wax paper as this method will require a bit more handling of the star.

2, what you crepe paper wall design should have now is the same figure as you ended up with in the previous step. And some European countries, if youre using a square, earrings or a curtain of lucky star beads. Updated on December 27, garland, though you may want to start with something sturdier like printer paper. Use the remaining crease line as a marker and cut along this line. For more information, any sort of paper will work. Like autumn colours or Christmas colours. Fold along the middle so two opposite edges meet one another. Origami is a traditional art of folding paper. A long acute triangle with a right triangle on top if using lettersized paper. By using our site, making two rectangles from the square.

How to make stars with paper folding. How to mathematically prove something paper

9 Tuck the remaining triangles, construction paper or wrapping paper, upload error Awesome picture. The piece trimmed off in the previous step will form your stars star. Youapos, tuck the remaining part of make the strip in between layers of the paper on the pentagon to secure the strip and finish off. You can make your own paper strips by using any A4 sized coloured paper. If you cannot wait to get started on this activity with the kids.

For a more distinct finished star, use two different colored pieces of paper to make two rectangles to continue on from this step.Flat pieces of paper are folded and constructed into interesting paper models without the use of a pair of scissors or glue.

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