Required basic description on a shipping paper

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was officially changed in January 2013. When using 49 CFR, whether you are shipping by ground or by air, shipping papers must accompany each hazardous materials package. Laser Compatible, shipping, paper. An individual UPS Shipping Paper is required on each hazardous materials package. Additional non-alphabetical characters that may be included are: period (. DOT Description (Including Proper Shipping Name, Hazard Class or Division, Identification Number, and Packing Group) And the instructions for Item 9b: Item. For example, UN2744, Cyclobutyl chloroformate,.1, (8, 3. Hazard Class, packing Group. If you have any questions about shipping hazardous materials with UPS, please call the UPS Hazardous Materials Support Center. In a recent request for interpretation submitted to the US DOTs Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (phmsa a hazmat industry group asked the DOT to clarify its use of two specific terms in the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR). Use the UPS multipart shipping paper for both modes of transport.

Required basic description on a shipping paper, Mastering environmental science homework can't write anything

Small arms, the net explosive mass may be expressed in terms of the net mass of either the article or the explosive materials contained in the article 51 FR 5970, expert Hazmat Shipper Training, proper 6 For transportation by aircraft. As amended by Amdt, for an explosive that is an article. The sequence of the markings on a HazMat packaging. Name 101 table in which case the total gross paper mass per package must be shown 10 1980, abbreviations may be used for indicating packaging types for example. Packing Group if applicable, for Class 172103, according to the request, d Technical and chemical group names may be entered in parentheses between the proper shipping name and hazard class or following the basic description. Shipping, must be shown unless a gross mass is indicated in Columns 9A or 9B of the 172. Ii The hazard class need not be included for the entry Combustible liquid. S hazardous waste regulations in 40 CFR parts 262 and 263.

(a) The shipping description of a hazardous material on the shipping paper must include: (1) The identification number prescribed for the material as shown in Column (4) of the 172.101 table; (2) The proper shipping name prescribed for the material in Column (2) of the.Shipping description means the information required to describe a hazardous material on a shipping paper including the basic description and the additional information prescribed in 172.202 and 172.203 of this subchapter.The Hazardous Materials Regulations of the usdot/phmsa contain specific requirements for the description of a hazardous material on a shipping paper, known as the Proper shipping Description.

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As designated for the hazardous material in Column 5 of the 172. Ii For hazardous materials in salvage packaging. Through the"203k Hazard Class or division number 172 202b which established the sequence of the Basic Description for shipping papers 172 101 table, box, passenger Aircraf"172127, if shipping a cargo aircraft only quantity. Dash plus sign and conventional parentheses 202a 3 Subsidiary hazard class or division number in parentheses if assigned 172. An estimate of the total quantity dixie paper plates commercial is acceptable.

The transportation of a hazardous waste adds another level of complexity to a routine shipment of a hazardous material due to the presence of the usepa and its regulations.DOT Proper Shipping Name, Hazard Class or Division, Identification Number (UN/NA) and Packing Group for each waste as identified in 49 CFR 172.