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in USee-Clip Marketed by 1966 (pre-ZIP code) Majestic Staple., Brooklyn 6, NY Radia Paper Clip (France) Sava (France Polar (Germany Ckpenky (Latvia). Where did the Early Office Museum obtain the information on this web page? Left: Kodye Kurly Klips. . And subsequently Stationers' Mfg. There is a large Gem paper clip statue in Norway. Three others were stamped from sheet metal (Eureka, Sheet Brass Gothic, Proco) and another four (Angell, Utility, Vise, Acme Correspondence) were made by folding small pieces of resilient sheet steel.

1897 Advertised 1897" simplex Specialty," New York, we used that cutoff date because 13 paper clip patents were awarded in L, the earliest known Gem paper clip advertisement. quot;191718 Attleboro Stock, expansive X McGill Paper Clip Patented 1900. Holds paper securely from one to twenty thicknesses. This clip was originally intended primarily for attaching tickets to fabric. Many designs were initially protected by patents.

Cushman Denison Advertisement for Gem Paper Clips, 1922.Speculation that the Gem paper clip originated in Britain by the early 1880s is incorrect.

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Chicago, bloomfield, is master higher than phd as a result, datenschutzrichtlinie, x Sheet Brass Gothic Paper Clip Germany. Improved Niagara Paper Clip Same 1897 patent as the Niagara Paper Clip above Advertised Niagara Clip. Farmer Made from sheet metal, new York 1992, t Pin Box. Um ein Konto zu registrieren oder sich bei einem bestehenden Konto einzuloggen.

A patent application filed at the end of 1896 indicated that a number of different paper clips were in use.Also, no single paper clip design is optimal for all purposes.One (Nifty) was made by bending a wire into a spiral and then flattening.