Where to publish my research paper

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minimal. Then you have you to update yourself with the ongoing technical happenings in your chosen field. This is the basic standard for scholarly publishing. It's frustrating to have a paper rejected because of a misunderstanding, but at least it's something you can fix. Be bold in your claims and original in your approach, but dont over-sell what your article actually provides. Please dont expect the Mfiles readily available for a solution published in a paper. Get as many people as you can to read over your abstract and provide feedback before you submit your paper to a journal. 4, submit your article to only one journal at a time. Write down your studies, write down speculations, interesting problems, possible solutions, random ideas, references to look up, notes on papers you've read, outlines of papers to write, and interesting"s. Good journal articles usually get straight to the point and remain there the whole way through. 7 Remember, a rejected paper doesnt necessarily equal a bad paper. One of among the tough publish nuts to crack is to understand the paper published by others. I suggest four considerations for creating your personal shortlist. You can ask your peers or professors to review your paper. If your goals of publishing are related to academic advancement, evaluate the reputation of the journal. 9 Fit is critical here the most renowned journal in your field might not be the one best suited to your specific work. Evaluate the manuscript against a prospective journal's scope and article types. You can find information about the publishing process in the 'Understanding the publishing process' guide.

Familiarize 100 recycled glossy paper yourself with different academic journals so that you can choose the publication that best suits your paper. Make sure to look at the" Method 2 Choosing the Right Journal for Submission 1 Familiarize yourself with potential publications. The procedure As a part of southampton library past papers your paper publication.

How to Publish a, research Paper, four Methods: Submitting (and Resubmitting) Your.Paper, choosing the Right Journal for Submission Strengthening Your Submission.

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Respectfully but confidently, education, or a journal that is more general in nature for a broader audience. This ranking can be very important to anthropologists employed in fourfield anthropology programs. If your research paper would fit better in a journal that is highly technical and meant only for other scholars. Open a dialogue with the editor and explain your position. Whenever possible, for instance, options may make your article visible sooner. Decide, the first paper for facebook android activity for publishing a technical paper is to figure out your technical area of interest.