Suman chakraborty phd

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consultant for International Finance Corporation (member papers of World Bank Group) and has advised large private equity funds for sustainable investment in healthcare in India aimed at achieving high social impact. His has published 370 papers in International Journals of high repute. (3) Improved functionality from limited resource settings. Citation needed, subsequently, he joined the, indian Institute of Science (IISc) for his Masters study where he was the faculty topper (cgpa.9 out of 8) and received gold medal and Senate Commendation for outstanding performance in Masters of Engineering. With unique validation employing clinical samples, we provide a generic solution to this end, through our generic Med-Colorimeter that may be suitably customized to have disease specific functionalities, given a colorimetric protocol on hand. Satadal Saha, medical Collaborator. Chakraborty has authored several text books and edited several research monographs. Satadal Saha is a Consultant General Surgeon. Jadavpur University in the year 1996, securing 2nd Rank out of a pool of more than 100 students. His contributions on fluid flows in miniaturized devices, leading to the development of low cost medical diagnostic devices, is expected to revolutionize rapid, portable, accurate, and inexpensive medical diagnostics with very low sample consumption, thereby addressing perhaps the most challenging proposition of the underdeveloped world. Chakraborty has research interests in the area of Microfluidics and Micro/Nano scale transport processes, including their theoretical, computational, and experimental modeling, encompassing the underlying fundamentals as well as bio-medical, bio-technological, chip cooling, and energy related applications. Incase you want to send us some notes or send suggestion also please be free to contact. Towards a generalized representation of surface effects on pressure-driven liquid flow in microchannels by,. Relevant Patents filed:. On his return from UK, he had pioneered establishment and operation of 5 Low-cost speciality hospitals in different districts of West Bengal, including the flagship Westbank Hospital at Howrah. Bakli Physical Review Letters 110 - (2013 electrokinetics with paper-and-pencil devices. His received Best International CFD Thesis Award in 2002. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India, and Institute Chair Professor. Head, School of Medical Science and Technology, IIT Kharagpur. Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. Chakraborty has also been the first researcher to develop a fundamental theory on electrokinetic transport of blood through microfluidic conduits, and to translate the same towards the development of an original device for analyzing the flow of blood from a droplet into a microfluidic capillary. Contact Me, directly Contact Us through our phone number or just drop a message.

Chakraborty, he has 370 Journal publications, more than. Diagnostics for the developing World, d students have graduated working under his supervision. Sric, software development that enables a nondoctor to elicit patient history through an algorithmic process and innovation of diagnostic technologies suitable for ExtremePoint OfCare epoc. He appeared for the National level competitive examination on Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering gate. Considering the benefits of spot diagnosis. Involving training of rural poor youth as Paramedical workers. Read More, medColorimeter, citation needed, the following unique features are stated below. And tech Microfluidics Diagnostics for Water suman chakraborty phd Quality Applications in Decentralised Water Treatment The Royal Academy of Engineering Development of Radiometric Device for Transdermal Blood Perfusion Imaging Science and Engineering Research Board serb Affordable and Rapid PaperBased Test Kits for Antimicrobial Suscpectibility Assays Society for.

Suman Chakraborty, associate Dean, sric Professor, Mechanical Engineering Head, Medical Science Technology.Chakraborty joined the Institute in 2002.Made with the new Google Sites, an effortless way to create beautiful sites.

He has also become Fellow of various National Academies of Science and Engineering. Chakraborty Nano Letters 15 2015 electroosmosis of superimposed fluids in tutorial presence of modulated charged surfaces in narrow confinements. He was earlier the Indian National Academy of Engineering Chair Professor 201416. Suman Chakraborty has research interests in the area of Microfluidics. Royal Academy of Engineering UK, he further extended this model to understand electrohydrodynamics in presence of hydrophobic interactions. And the Head of the School of Medical Science and Technology.

10 He was a visiting Professor at Stanford University.12 He has spearheaded the Healthcare domain of imprint India initiative as the National coordinator.