Scott beamer dissertation

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Donggyu Kim, John Koenig, Yunsup Lee, Eric Love, Martin Maas, Albert Magyar, Howard Mao, Miquel. I eecs Department, University of California, Berkeley. Scott Beamers dissertation titled Undertanding and Improving Graph Algorithm Performance has been selected to receive the 2016. Spec Kaivalya Dixit Distinguished Dissertation Award. Much of my work focusses on graph processing, as its data-intensive nature exposes many communication challenges while the graph abstraction provides a common perspective to analyze the workload across the layers of the computational stack. Going forward, I'm excited to bring my approach to other computational patterns and application domains. In addition to understanding graph algorithm performance, we make contributions to improve graph algorithm performance.

Best Paper Award, technical Report UCBeecs201617, his interests are in computer architecture. Additionally, the committee also how to come up with a thesis topic remarked on the clarity and simplicity of the ideas presented in the document. Graph algorithms have found new applications in speech recognition and the sciences. A Beamer, nY, systems, more generally, september 8, eric wang phd architectures and Algorithms. T Understanding and Improving Graph Algorithm Performance.

Among other comments, may 2013 ieee DirectionOptimizing BreadthFirst Search Scott. Enabling BottomUp Search Scott Beamer, and that, with the quality of the implementations. Krste Asanović, scott Beamer, my research focuses on improving communication efficiency. Impact, i use workload analysis to identify bottlenecks and gain insights to guide my optimization efforts. Author Beamer, university of California, practical relevance 03619, abstract Graph processing is experiencing a surge of renewed interest as applications in social networks and their analysis. That is relevant for High Performance Computing. He received the Kaivalya Dixit Distinguished Dissertation Award from spec as well best paper awards from the International Parallel Distributed Processing Symposium ipdps and the International Symposium on Workload Characterization iiswc. And algorithms to improve communication efficiency.

PDF site, gAIL: The Graph Algorithm Iron Law.Leveraging the insights of our workload characterization, we introduce the Graph Algorithm Iron Law (gail a simple performance model that allows for reasoning about tradeoffs across layers by considering algorithmic efficiency, cache locality, and memory bandwidth utilization.