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have any 50 of profits are donated to fund water, hygiene and sanitation projects in the developing world. In our toilet survey, 69 of respondents said that they would use recycled toilet paper if the quality was better. In a twist, the winner of our 2017 customer ratings for toilet paper is a brand you cant find in most big supermarkets. Sorbent received a solid four stars all round, except for value for money in which it received three stars. 69 said that they fold their toilet paper, while only 24 scrunch (and 8 were unsure). The packaging for the 18, 32 and 48 packs include carry handles. The social enterprise received five stars for overall customer satisfaction, feel of toilet paper, value for money, and variety of packaging options. Aldi Confidence Hypoallergenic is a 2-ply toilet tissue sold in packs of 12 rolls of 260 sheets. For extra luxury, the Quilton Gold range is a 4-ply toilet paper available in original and shea butter. It received four stars for strength and quality of toilet paper. Traditionally, consumers have had two choices the cheap and nasty, or the lush expensive stuff. Other notable results include: aldi Confidence, from the bargain-busting supermarket disruptor, received five stars for value for money. More than 1 million has been donated to date, the company says. According to our survey, the answer is clear fold. Its simple stuff designed to get the job done without costly extra frills and padding. However, with private labels now seriously competing with big brands, plus growth in demand for recycled toilet paper, picking up a cheap pack doesnt necessarily mean that youre buying an inferior product. Who Gives A Crap made an impressive debut in our ratings tables. For a little extra comfort, the 4-ply Hypoallergenic Quilted Softness toilet tissue comes in packs of 8 rolls of 140 sheets. Made in New Zealand, Purex is FSC Mix as well as Environmental Choice New Zealand certified.

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How the australia product performed 14 have accidentally dropped their phone in the toilet bowl. Dunk your phone into a bowl full of rice to draw out the moisture hopefully before it does any damage. Results 32 or 48 rolls of 180 sheets. It showed a stronger performance in feel of toilet paper and variety of packaging options. Aldi Confidence was last years winner for overall customer satisfaction. With four stars, designed with a unique CleanRipple texture.

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Texting on the toilet, who Gives A Crap sells its helpful rolls in boxes of 24 or 48 the only plastic involved is the sticky tape on the box. Lets learn a little more about this years toprated toilet paper brand. Sold individually, or a 1ply roll. Or a long roll with 270 sheets 50 longer in packs. Receiving a four star rating, the other toilet paper prominently featuring precious puppies. Buying the most expensive brands doesnt always mean youre getting the best value for money. With 180 sheets in packs. Mega Long rolls are available in packs. Purex can be recognised by its packaging with a brown SharPei puppy resting its rolls on a roll of toilet paper. Online Grocery Shopping Review, sorbent Silky White comes in a choice of a regular roll.

In this years ratings, Coles So Soft received a solid four stars for overall customer satisfaction and for all ratings categories.The standard length Soft White rolls come in packs of 4, 12, 18 or 24 rolls, with carry on handles attached to the 18 and 24 packs.Who Gives A Crap was the only recipient of five stars for variety of packaging options, as well as taking out top marks for feel, value for money and overall customer satisfaction.