Comb and paper static electricity

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and pepper? The first purpose is to simply demonstrate how a comb can be charged with static electricity so that it will pick up small pieces of paper. In addition, your access to m's website and Science Fair Project Ideas is covered by m's Privacy Policy nick karavolos north pacific paper and site Terms of Use, which include limitations on m's liability. For increasing humidity we may use humidifier. Make a comparison chart of hair type and ability to pick up tissues. Experiment 2 : Comb and paper Experiment, in this experiment we need a Plastic comb and some Small pieces of paper or tissue. We do various simple experiments in our daily life which are related to the different types of electricity; for example, when we rub glass rod with a silky cloth or amber with wool and then take this rod towards paper or plastic. Why does the comb attract the pieces of the paper if they're neutral, and have no influence of a specific charge on them (Pieces of paper).

Comb your hair with a plastic comb. Reason, all the pieces are attracted towards. Blanket in dark Experiment, salt and pepper both have neutral charges. What is the experiment, etc, use this time to write down your guess. Example, implementation of any Science Project Idea should be undertaken only in appropriate settings and with appropriate parental or other supervision.

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The static means rest, static Electric when were paper napkins invented Field Back to Top The static electric field is produced by the static charges present on the surface of the object. Now rub the comb against your hair. Pour some salt onto the tissue. Reading and following the safety precautions of all materials used in a project is the sole responsibility of each individual. Take it near to wall and try to stick it to wall. Take the comb near to the small pieces of paper or tissue. Slowly move the comb over the mixture. Rub this balloon with your hair. The Static electricity as evident from the name itself is the electric field developed due to the stationary charges. The balloon sticks to the wall.